Sofia Coppola has offered Colin Farrell the role in “Deceived”

Sofia Coppola has offered Colin Farrell the role in “Deceived”

A remake of the don Siegel drama “Deceived”, which will remove Sofia Coppola, found by the male role. The image in the original tape embodied on the screen by Clint Eastwood, is offered to Colin Farrell.

Farrell can play a wounded Civil war soldier John Macburnie taking refuge in a boarding-school for girls. The man fascinates several inmates of the institution, and when girls begin to fight over his heart, the atmosphere is seriously heating up.

If the talks are successful, Farrell will be joined in the cast by Nicole Kidman, Elle fanning and Kirsten dunst. The Oscar-winning actress Sofia Coppola not only take the Director’s chair, but will also write the screenplay.

As for Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell remake of “Deceived” may be the first collaboration with Coppola. Kirsten dunst starred in “the Virgin suicides” and “Mariii-Antoinette”, and Elle fanning — in the tragicomedy “somewhere”.

Not long ago, Farrell received critical praise for her role in the drama, George Lanthimos Lobster. In November, the actor will be seen on the big screen in a spin-off of the “Harry Potter” called “Fantastic beasts and where they live”.


Source and photo: moviez.su