Snopp Dog asked Drake to help him emigrate to Canada

What are you, Snoop? The famous rapper Snoop Dog so upset by the victory of Republican Donald trump that wants to emigrate to neighbouring Canada, despite the fact that California has allowed his beloved marijuana.

Dogg posted a photograph taken in Toronto.
“My new home. Drake, I have to look after some real estate” — wrote Snoop, and then follows an untranslatable play on words, obviously, a story about mad Dog. And this is understandable – he was one of the eight rappers who openly supports Hilary Clinton.
Part of the defeat Hillary Snapp holds the Senator of Virginia, Tim Cain, and said. it was not the best choice of Clinton, which led to its defeat in the elections.

Source: http://www.nme.com
Photo: http://www.nme.com

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