Skinny Alena Shishkova is forced to hold things with your hands

Fans of the famous model Alena Shishkova delighted with its harmony, natural beauty and fragility. This 25-year-old ex-girlfriend of rapper Timati stores through proper nutrition and fitness. And with such a gorgeous figure, it would seem that every thing should be on Allen to sit perfect, but the latest photo of a celebrity in a new way proves quite the opposite.

Recently Shishkov in his “Instagram” has posted pictures from Thailand. One of the photos shows the star posing in white ankle boots and beige jumpsuit.

Followers immediately noticed how the outfit sits on the slim model. It seems that even this slinky jumpsuit is just great beauty. The material of the clothes at waist gathered pleats, and the beautiful holds the outfit hands on his chest to frame was more successful.

Well, loyal fans Alena felt that this style really suits her and for the millionth time admired the beauty and harmony of this charming girl.