Sister Polina Lobanova told the truth

So, my dear, now I’ll tell my side of the coin, it is what it is really… a Very sad story coming out. See air, will be a lot of dirt, but I’m here to tell her! Yes, many may condemn me, and I know that will do it, but only those who don’t know our family. I’m the older sister, I have to be smarter, to forgive all, but sorry, there’s a limit and nerves of iron.
When mom died, I was furious that Pauline was not taken to the house of his grandfather. How I survived then, no one knows! I quit school to go to work and prove to the authorities that will be able to keep the (now very sorry). I raised her from 6 years (and there I was sitting with her from the cradle, and at night, as my mother worked), the child was obedient, and indeed she was such a sweetheart that everyone loved her and in the garden and at school. Remember when there was a heavy frost -35, I remember when received my first salary of a bartender, be 5 thousand rubles, and I had to dress, to put on, but I am the same, departed (don’t know how already) in fall shoes. All she wanted, she got, phones, clothes… oddly enough, but we were always together (but otherwise did as she was attached to me). In life she never raised a hand while mom brought us, carrot and stick! Yeah, probably my fault that I spoil her, did everything for her and lived for her! Told me build their lives, she’s a big girl, but I thought to do my duty to 18. Since I don’t drink, don’t smoke, I tried to drive her the same thing, that it is bad, at least till 18 years I did. In sports, I brought her a little girl, brought to a dogfight, where it year departed, and left… the Difficulty began in adolescence (the tin began). I am with her hardship, and the custody of her hardship, so I’m there just hasn’t been, and I say “be patient, be patient, it is this age”, but judge for yourself now. When I was 23 I started Dating a man, began a kind of relationship, moved in together, but as it turned out later that this TV*Pb, slept with him too behind my back! And how do you think I should look like her age and to forgive?

My dear, I think many people know that esters with a week delay, so I a week ago, after frontal, closed this topic! Yes, I’m relieved that I made, sorry for that 3 hours that I spent there, showed 5 minutes, sorry for that cut out a lot, people are not given to understand the whole essence of this dirt that I have accumulated from the virgins! I don’t want to know this ungrateful man, so stop to send me screenshots of what she does, says, etc. Thanks if you understand. I’m grateful that you worry, but this topic is closed. A man spit on you all! Her main thing is she sat on your fat *operator, and you are her grandmother to pay for advertising, so it’s there. The word “Sister” in my life no more! I have no sisters there! I love them all. PS and still the screen look fat.