Sister Friske showed the first pictures of the monument to the singer

Eighteen months after the death of Jeanne Friske, her family decided to set on her grave monument. Creating sculpture native trusted masters Levon Minuano and Ivan Volkov.

The photos shared by the sister of the singer with the press, it is clear that the sculpture is made with amazing accuracy and is very similar to Jeanne.

At the moment, the sculptors have already started coating his creation with paint. When will be produced the final works, the monument will be installed at the tomb of the singer on the Nikolo-Arkhangelsk cemetery of Moscow.

“We still don’t know when will be ready the monument to Jeanne, said in an interview with reporters, the younger sister of the singer. We sculptors are not speeding, because it’s still a creative process. For the second time redoing the monument.”

Source: life.ru
Photo: life.ru

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