Singer Vitaly Kozlovsky told about his personal life

Singer Vitaly Kozlovsky told about his personal life

Vitaly Kozlovsky ready for the fact that his girlfriend moved in with him.

Vitaly Kozlovsky and Ramin Achakzai, due to the large number of rumors and questions have officially confirmed in a television broadcast that they’re a couple. Although fans intently watching the life of the artist in social networks, the story about their relationship was known long before official confirmation.

Recall that Ramin starred in the video Vitaly Kozlovsky for the song “Go on”. During the radio program, the artist shared that this point has already been free from a relationship that lasted until 3 this year. Therefore, on the set gave vent to his feelings. And passionate on-screen scene slowly evolved into more.

During an interview the singer said that recently, an acquaintance of the girl with his father.

“It turned out that the Pope himself was the initiator of Dating. On may holidays I was resting in Lviv and was constantly in touch with Raminas on Skype. Dad could not resist and joined one of these conversations. It ended invitation to visit. Ramin liked him, so the kids dad we have wished. But the mother has not yet been introduced, she lives in Rome, so getting there will take place as soon as she will arrive in Ukraine or when we will fly to it”, – Vitaly Kozlovsky.

The actor said that due to the large amount of travel, he has little time to spend with his beloved. So, if you are in Kiev, trying to use every free minute.

“Just like everyone,” smiles the singer, go to the movies, walking around the city, can stay at home and together to cook something and then watch a good movie. Ramin, it turns out that cooking “for You”, so I have a lot to teach her in the kitchen. Recently cooked pancakes in my original recipe”, – Vitaly Kozlovsky.

Not so long ago young people came back from Paris. As it turned out, the trip to Paris was an old dream Ramini. On the question of further development of relations, the singer has told that is ready to Ramin moved in with him.


Source and photo: tochka.net