Singer Shura was banned from performing in Ukraine

Can the singer hit Tvori dobro Shura to harm the internal security of Ukraine? Unlikely. But, in the opinion of the security Service of Ukraine, better to be safe and for some time to prevent by to cross the border of their state. What they actually did. Together with Natasha Koroleva, the ban on entry to Ukraine now received and Alexander Medvedev (real name Shura).

Now the contractor is forced to disappoint his fans and announce that his scheduled concert in Kiev will not take place.

“My dear Ukrainians! My concert in Kiev on 11 November will not take place, it’s very obvious, a small group of “people” made me Ukrainophobia, sisterella, foul words to me began to spew, cavil, complain to the SBU, as they say, so where are you looking, rides, the main enemy of our country, and everyone just saw my video two years ago, the organizers fearing that the groups “people” and possible admission into the territory of Ukraine, the concert was canceled! Friends, where is freedom.. we all cry, freedom of speech, where she???? Come join us in Russia, we can all sing, whoever he was, was not dressed, no matter what our opinions are not adhered to, I have 20 years on stage and feel completely free! I’m not a politician, and not into politics, just people, be kind and do good!”,- commented on Shura.

Source: russianshowbiz.info
Photo: instagram.com

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