Singer Shura made a big fuss in Minsk

Russian singer Shura quarreling on tour in Belarus. The artist did not like the conditions and organization of the concert, and he had to literally blackmail the host side to work.

“The new trend now is to invite the artist and not pay. In addition, in the evening we could not even with his staff to tune in, was the local sound guy — he saved, he went to another job, came in only 2 nights. The screen remained a promise, the dressing room was completely empty, no water bottles..” — complains the offended star. In the end, Shura brought the fee in Belarusian rubles… It was only when the singer has threatened that it will appear on the stage, he brought the sum agreed before currency.
We will remind that recently the Shura disgraced in the theater “New Opera”. A celebrity is not missed out on his place in the orchestra after the intermission, only because the third call caught him at the door. Fundamental employee of the institution offered him to occupy space on the balcony. After a quarrel with the latter, Shura proudly went home.

Source: http://russianshowbiz.info
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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