Singer Rodica Zmanovskaya what happened: the cause of death of the soloist of the band “Banderos”

Known Russian singer Pleased Zmanovskaya famous for his performances in the band “Banderos”, died suddenly yesterday, September 14. The death of the artist, who recently passed away from the world of show business, was a complete surprise for her fans.

According to an updated information that appeared in the informational space on the eve of, the cause of death was Happy Zmanovskiy bleeding in the brain. After that, it is not for several days was in a coma. American doctors tried to save her, but all their efforts were in vain, as the singer never regained consciousness died.

At this moment, the relatives of the deceased are closed from comments, which does not allow to speak with confidence about where and when will be held the ceremony of farewell and funeral with the ex-soloist of the band “Banderos”.

It is important to note that Zmanovskiy friend said after her death that before the tragic outcome she did not complained of health problems, but instead worked a lot and did not feel the imminent departure from life.

In turn, the press service of the group “Banderos” has linked the incident at the Parliament hemorrhage with excessive activity of the Sun lately, which happened a lot of powerful flares.

As such, biographies are Glad Zmanovskiy the Internet there, because the girl preferred to hide their personal life from prying eyes. Rumor has it that the last time she was successfully engaged in business. In particular, her name has a number of firms Barber and company for organizing events with the involvement of celebrities. In addition Zmanovskaya also engaged in producing films. In the close environment of the actress explained that she lived and worked in America.

According to unconfirmed information, Glad it’s short for. It completely sounded like Rodica. Nee is her name – Crismaru. Glad graduated from Moscow humanitarian University. During his studies he married a classmate of Alexander Zmievskogo. She was involved in many business projects of her husband. Fluent in French, Spanish, Russian and Ossetian languages.

We will remind, group “band’eros” was formed in Moscow in early 2005. In it consisted of Batista, who had to work with many artists of the Russian hip-hop scene, Parliament and Natasha, the girls, before performing in various musical projects, Igor DMCB, DJ, dancer, and Ruslan, a top dancer breakdance.