Singer Pelageya told about his loneliness 24???

The singer and mentor show “the Voice” Pelagia openly talked about his loneliness before the advent in the life of a spouse Ivan Telegin. In an interview on the program “Honestly” with Yury Nikolaevym, she admitted that because of the stagnation in personal relationships, she began a creative stagnation.

“It was a very difficult period. It’s time, and I didn’t have my family. You come after the concert, where the applause, stretching the hands, and the house is so loud, but silence. It begins to push crushes,” she shared.
Singer Pelageya told about his loneliness | cosmopolitan.ru

The singer also spoke about her marriage, writes “Days.ru”. In relations with the husband of Pelageya always tries to compromise, despite the explosive nature. The same principle holds in the relationship and Telegin.

“I hope we both have enough strength and motivation to always remember how we each other of the road. And I have someone to learn, among other things”, she concluded.