Singer of the hit “Drunk sunshine” ALEKSEEV: “I’ve given up trying to find the father”

The singer told about his personal life. 24-year-old musician believes that largely rely on fate. It is grateful to the happy coincidence by which he got on the big stage and became a favorite of a huge number of fans.

The young singer Nikita Alexeev, acting under the name ALEKSEEV, broke into show business in 2015. His song “Drunk sunshine” won the love of audience of millions of listeners, became the first Russian song that hit the TOP 100 global Shazam chart and has gained platinum status of the single on iTunes over 100 thousand downloads! One of the first talent of the novice artist said Ani Lorak, who was a mentor of the fourth season of the Ukrainian version of “the Voice”. The young performer reached the semi-finals of the competition. Just over two years, 24-year-old musician has gained immense popularity, and very soon, this Friday, November 10, will give the capital a recital.

— Nikita, when did you realize that music is your calling? I started singing since the age of ten. The family wanted me to develop musically. The first six months nothing happened, it was for me a kind of trial period. Listened to various artists – Jackson, Timberlake, it laid a Foundation, which I had to Supplement myself. Then he began to compose music – going out with friends, studied, experimented. Then no one was put in front of him no problems and didn’t even know I do it to others. But in 12-13 years we talked about live performances in small venues, promised that he would bring classmates. We even paid the fees! Of course, it was a small amount, but we didn’t care – we were finding our sound. What kind of music?The school pop-rock, this lyrical direction. Tried to imitate the band Coldplay. The University has added other colors, studied at Red Hot Chili Peppers. By the way, six months ago I met the lead singer, Anthony Kiedis, when filming in Los Angeles the video for the song “Feel the soul”. He was walking his dog, probably somewhere not far he lived from where we were.— Perhaps you were the star of the school?Rather, a musician who was locked in a closet and write. Of course, I was falling in love girls felt the same about me, and then threw. I on this ground, catching the inspiration and wrote the song, it helped me. I’m even grateful to them for what they brought to a sad state when I wanted to sing, to listen to a lot of beautiful music, so all is not wasted.— Special education you have received?Unfortunately, I have no academic musical education. Of course, I still have a chance to make it. But in the near future I plan to visit as many countries and cities with concerts, releasing songs. Now I have a period – a lot of energy, which is directed in their creativity. But I think that will come to music school, and might even be older than the teacher. I have higher education, I studied marketing. I don’t think I would be able to work, because music is everything to me. So when I had the chance to go on stage, I grabbed him with their teeth. — What were your attempts to take a seat on the stage? The first time I came on a music project when I was 18 years old. Well, then I refused, because I wasn’t ready. Konstantin Meladze I asked, if I served in the army, I said no, and said goodbye. Then I came to the selection in the “X-factor”. Then I lost all the voice – I felt like a student who is not ready for the exam. I literally asked: “Girl, I can’t sing, but still let me go to another stage, in two days I’ll be fine”. To my surprise, she gave a chance. Let the charm?Apparently, I inspire confidence. Although, who knows – it’s a show, they look not only to the music. But two days later, I never went – thought it over and decided to wait. And then, when I finished University, went on “the Voice.” I was then at a stage I wanted to quit music – there was a kind of disappointment. There I was on my way last time to try my luck and answer yourself the question, no wonder spent 10 years of his life. I missed out on TV casting, and then Ani Lorak turned to me, and started a new life. — Now you deal with it?Of course, I always ask for advice when you start working on a new song. She makes comments, I listen to them. I am grateful to Ani Lorak for the most important lesson, which received three years ago. She said that we should always work on yourself and don’t stop, “Sprinter” nothing to do – will have to look for ways to be interesting. On stage there are only those who are dedicated to the cause, ready to give life for the right to go out and sing in front of the audience. — Did you have any disappointments in show business?There have been mistakes. Come rethinking when it hurts to fall, days and nights do not sleep, think to do to avoid this in the future. Don’t want to say specific things, and that will provoke people so they searched online and looked at my error! I used to tune, did not know what to do on stage, how to behave, staring at the floor, nervous. Freedom comes with time, when a lot of work. Becoming a master is my dream.— You have now a lot of the tour performances. What fees spend?Of course, helping out the family. I find it easier to give money than to choose gifts for loved ones, because they are afraid to lose. The only thing that can accurately think of is flowers.— To whom do you give them?My mom, aunt – I have studied their temperament, color guess correctly.— Nikita, why in this list you do not have your beloved girlfriend?While I’m by myself and not rushing. I’m waiting for the moment that I think happens once in a lifetime. I think that will feel and understand – in front of me exactly what I expect.— My mother says it’s time to think about the family?No, she does not hurry, he trusts my taste, choice. It seems to me that in this matter no need to rush. It will happen. I just know that it will happen and believe in fate. Maybe that meeting will happen tomorrow, maybe in 20 years. No matter what the girl will do, because I still can’t change! Will I have to just give in, feel the love, emotions for which we come into this world. What’s the difference, who are in the profession of the person who is near, if you’re willing to die for him. — You said you never saw your father, now, has anything changed? I tried to find it?I am not in contact with my dad, I don’t know it. I have not thought about, to seek him out, but he’s not looking for me. Maybe he would be proud of me. — For certain you constantly write admirer looking to date. Were there any funny incidents with fans?One girl waited for me all night at the hotel. As it turned out, she made a bet – to make a photo with me. I woke up at half past five, she waited half-asleep at the reception. Saw me, ran up, took pictures.— Does not hinder you?No, I have a positive attitude, even need to communicate with the fans. If you get the opportunity to talk with those who come, is happiness. It is a pity that this happens not often, because usually arrive on the same day when you have to go on stage and go further. Sometimes, refuse in photos for your fans?Sometimes, if I know that I look tired without sleep for several days in a row. I am pleased that fans are fine with this, I always apologize, but they can see when I have no strength.— As you relax, recover? A top aide to recharge is a good book. Now reading “Humiliated and offended”. By the way, I have no favorite works. It seems to me that any creativity is impossible to be categorical, it is necessary to look for something new. I love passive recreation, perhaps, from the fact that the rhythm of my life is very high. It is necessary to take a pause and take a breath, although rarely allow themselves to leave. Not so long ago was in Greece, had a great time. Lay and watched the sea, listening to the sounds of voln, enjoying the silence. It nourishes me, gives you the opportunity to get back on stage and to meet with the audience.Often celebrities are subjected to severe criticism in the Network, how you feel about her?To be honest, I already know all my mistakes, maybe it looks immodest on my part. I always analyse the performance. But I believe that everyone has the right and should Express their point of view, that’s fine. Pay attention to the comments if they are informative, which I can take into consideration.— As you analyze your performances? Watch the video?In the dressing room we talk a lot about. The concert is the new life that you write yourself. You’re born, grow up, grow old, die. The audience feels everything that passes with you this way. When at the end there is a catharsis, you and the audience become one whole and realize that all is not in vain.— November 10, you will host a concert in Moscow. What the audience expect from this show?I’m very excited. This is my first big concert here, I can’t wait to see the people who come. This is usually a variety of audiences and couples, lots of young people. I very carefully prepared for this musical celebration. With me on stage will be a string Quartet, a light show, of course. I am glad that you are surrounded by masters of their craft. And most importantly – music, voice. You will hear all the hits, and we will present three premieres including my new single “Forever”. If you ask me, could I imagine a couple of years ago that I would be giving a solo concert, I would not have believed it for anything in the world. It’s like a pleasant sleep, when not want to Wake up.