Singer Nyusha openly talked about her fiance

It is no secret that the popular singer Nyusha recently goes to the status of the bride. The other day a celebrity openly spoke about their romantic relationship, which soon needs to move to a new level.

About the affair with the General Advisor to the President of the International University sports Federation FISU Igor Sivov became known a few weeks ago. In recognition of the singer, she immediately felt that this was her man.
“When we’re just talking, it seemed to me that I know him all my life.” — said Jane, and added that the new song “love You” and the video for her new dedicated to her and such a deep relationship with Igor.

After the exhausting filming Nyusha planned to go on vacation, but I was a lover excelled and volunteered to organize her stay. Where they will go, the girl learned only at the airport and was very surprised when Igor told her that the point of their destination – Kenya.
At the beginning of the romance Jane received a proposal of marriage, and without hesitation, said “Yes!”. Singer argues that such feelings, as to this man, she never experienced in my life, and brag about his new relationship wasn’t going to, so as not to startle her happiness.
“Happiness loves silence. Still, it’s my personal life, and I see no need to make it a public discussion, wish she was protected… I Believe that better safe than sorry” — said the artist.
Recall that Sivov was already married and by his first marriage he has two sons. Nyusha, who is ten years younger than the groom, this marriage will be the first. The singer has already introduced him to the family, and, according to insiders, relatives approved of her choice.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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