Singer Natalie is happy with her Breasts

Russian singer Natalie does not hide the obvious. For example, the fact that appealed to a plastic surgeon. Recent photo of a celebrity made a splash, and no wonder: the actress appeared almost naked. But, as Natalie herself has admitted, she did not expect such a violent reaction of the fans.

“The photo I wasn’t completely naked, and very neatly covered. Don’t take this as serious and prepared step,” — said the singer also admitted that mark the social network it “knocked out”.. the eldest son.
Natalie admitted that she turned to plastic surgeon, but it was long enough. After feeding the second child, her Breasts lost shape and she had asked the specialist to correct the defect. She is happy with the result so far, and advises all women to follow her example.
“If you are not satisfied with the chest, it can be corrected”. Today, medicine allows it,” says Natalie.

Source: http://dni.ru
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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