Singer Natalia Vlasova is rapidly losing weight

What happened to the singer of the hit “I’m yours”?

Over the last eighteen months Natalia Vlasova began to rapidly lose weight, which aroused the concern of fans who have already begun to suspect the star any health problems. WomanHit.tu was able to figure out what happened with the artist. It turned out that, luckily, nothing terrible happened: the singer has decided to the upcoming concert to be in new condition — both internal and external: new song, new harmony and a new body. So the singer had the idea to try the food system, about which she had heard before.

Special issues with weight, Natalia had never experienced — the effect of good genetics, so the singer never dieted. But on the eve of an important event decided to verify the new technique and passed the required blood test. According to the results, the doctors determined what foods can be eaten, from what I should avoid and what you can eat occasionally. The result exceeded all expectations-star — Natalia lost 8 pounds.

“Now I weigh as weighed up to 20 years! I never stuck to any diets, with the exception of giving up meat during lent, making could lose 3-4 kg, which are then returned. But as nature is keen, I wanted to try something new, plus there is an extra incentive — a solo concert. At the end of July I did a blood test and I was given a huge list of what can, what cannot and that is only sometimes. The first month I spent in hard mode, strictly adhering to the table. Once, however, fell through, but purely by chance, while in London, ate meats of the nuts.

But overall, I survived easily, and now the food by this method became a habit, there is no sense that I’m on a grueling diet. A month later, I began to afford to eat vegetables from the column “sometimes”. Completely eliminated salt from your diet, except occasionally I can eat a small serving of sushi with soy sauce. Much more difficult for me was to give up coffee with milk, not no dairy. But I found a way out. First, you can brew a black coffee, and serve it with lime and honey is incredibly delicious drink, my family and friends love it! And secondly, I discovered coconut milk, as well as other products from coconut flour and sugar, which perfectly replace the traditional.

I am very happy with their new diet. The skin was very different. Before the person in the photos I wanted to edit with filters, but now it is flat and smooth. I am very comfortable in this state and want it to stay that way!” — said Natalia Vlasova.