Singer Lolita burst into tears on the stage of “New wave” – 24???

Popular singer Lolita has appeared on the stage of musical festival “New wave” in Sochi. Performing the song “Maria” dedicated to the great Soviet actress Faina Ranevskaya, Lolita did not keep emotions, Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Many fans always waiting for Lolita interesting performances. This time, the actress sang the song with tears in his eyes.

Singer Lolita | Onliner “in Order not to feel anything, I’ll pretend to be a statue of plaster. People, please just bury me behind the baseboard”, — sang Lolita line from a song.

Many representatives of Russian pop stars commented on the speech of Lolita, saying that nothing like earlier in its execution is not heard. Behind the scenes, not holding back, the singer tried to overcome emotional distress. According to many fans of Lolita, it is unlikely that this arrangement will rotate at the Central stations, but this song is already being called the best in the repertoire.