Singer Kelly Clarkson has wrongly diagnosed

Doctors – the people we entrust our health, even life, because we hope for their professionalism, care and expertise. But not all the way there are just such specialists. A shocking confession about the wrong diagnosis recently told the singer Kelly Clarkson.

The singer told the story from which the hair stand on end: 11 years ago she was preparing for ceremony Grammy. In the morning, when she started to do her hair and makeup she got a call from the hospital where she was examined and told that she was sick with cancer. Of course, such news shocked Kelly however, she still went to the event because she was among the nominees for the gramophone. Clarkson managed to win one of the nominations: “When I won, I thought, “my God! Maybe God decided to give me one last nice thing before there will be something terrible.”

Fortunately, long tormented by the idea that she is terminally ill Kelly was not necessary. The next day she called again from the hospital and admitted that a mistake was made and in fact it is healthy.

“Since childhood, I sought to “Grammy”, it was my big dream! And the day she realized, was for me both the worst and the greatest. The next day the same thing happened because I wanted to punch someone. I don’t understand how you could confuse the results, and why it was impossible to check it,” says the star.

Source: segodnya.ua
Photo: starslife.ru

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