Simon Mortensen once again showed his daring nature

Moreover, to curb the refractory temper of the violent party could not even Mary. So, according to the announcement of the future broadcast, a young man just because of the happy coincidence was not involved in a fight with Norman Domanski, talking about events prior to arrival on the project. It is worth noting that if not for the quick intervention of Margarita Ovsyannikova and the Aray of Chobonyan, the clash between the boys would end in tears, writes life-dom2.su.

By the way, after the next attack of aggression on Mardanshina barrage of criticism. Social media users insist that Simon is not the place for the project, and warned Margot that can become another victim of a psychopath.

“Again we see that the organizers have a different attitude to such situations: someone needs one time to enter the conflict and to be cast out, and someone run up and run up, but turn a blind eye” – he wrote to fans of “House 2”.