Signs of love: how to identify and remove

The art of love spell is now available a wide range of people. Learn the secret love spell is not difficult, and therefore need to know how to get rid of someone else’s slander or spell, to protect himself and his family.

Love spell — a powerful magic influence, entirely subordinating one person to the will of another. Almost anyone can become a victim of a love and binding spell that is fraught with serious consequences. Especially when it comes to black magic. Husbands away from families, wives driven into the shackles of patients feelings and emotions. Love is literally stolen from under the nose of untrained people. As is the case with all the criminals should act quickly, not delaying the inevitable consequences.

Signs of love spell

To see the signs of love spell is quite simple. Enchanted people dramatically changes the way their behavior, way of thinking and attitude towards you. Esotericism outlined the main symptoms of another intervention that has spread to your life:

The first thing you have to blow such a strong magical effect is health. Enchanted man becomes sluggish, passive, there is a lack of energy and General malaise.
Man came under the influence of love magic and cannot wait for any news from his “master of the heart.” Every time he is distracted by calls, texts, email and other social networks.
The third sign comes down to absent mindedness. All the thoughts of a man completely belong only to “object imposed by sympathy.” Resulting in traumatic situations and accidents.
In relation to previous your loved one is celebrated coldness, indifference and callousness. Any tokens, Grand gestures and warm feelings the victim of a love spell seeks to give to his steward.
In the family there are constant scandals, jealousy, problems and mistrust.
Enchanted sleeps badly, his insomnia and obsessive thoughts.
The apparent lack of sexual desire. The object under the power of another person, will never betray his “master”.
The detection of the underlayers in the apartment or around the house. Alien and deliberately planted things indicate that self-will have not owned your loved one.

If one or more points corresponds to the behavior of your elect or chosen one heart, be sure he/she imposed a love spell. Like cures like, so it’s turn to release a loved one from the bonds of Satan, and the envy of rivals of your personal happiness.

Ritual removal of the love spell

For removing spell it is important to consider the gender of your loved one. Disarmament magic for women is on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Mens days of the week are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Of course, to get rid of love binding the experts of the website dailyhoro.ru recommended during the waning of the moon, but in a sad and severe cases this advice can be ignored.

You will need a Church candle, lit in the Church, tablespoon of salt and matches. Ignite the wick of the candle and heat in the flame of a spoon full of salt. Four times say the hex:

“The Lord is my shepherd, protect and defend. Let Sol white will take the black soot from Your servant (name). Absorb someone else’s sadness, envy, thinking denigrating thoughts vicious, yeah love is poisoned. Take, Lord, all nacitanie and enchanted, with a lining and magic induced. Let go of the bad from the back from where it came. Let it be so, as I said/told. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen.”

Heated salt pour into a container, not intended for eating food. From above cover with a thin cloth put over any thing your lover/beloved. It was at this time there will be strong lifting the love spell. This ritual is to hold at least three times using the same salt. If you do everything according to the rules, you will be able to save your relationship and your loved one.

Protection against a love spell

Much easier to put a protection on yourself and your loved one, which will reflect any magical action from your family unit, than to remove the spell. In the afternoon, at lunch, in his apartment, you want to draw a white circle and whisper protective words:

“Lord, save and protect our love (your names). Thy servants pray for protection from other people’s acts of evil, envy and anger of the human. Let our eyes, soul, mind, heart, and blood none could speak ill of love. God, accompany us everywhere, be with us at the table, and on the road, in thoughts. I urge You to protect us and our happiness. Yes, what I want. Amen. Amen. Amen.”

Always say this is a conspiracy, especially when it feels that danger is near. Do not forget about protect prayers. Only with the help of a Higher power you can save love from unintended consequences and gaps.

Magical practices have a powerful force, which is not so easy to remove. Any changes in behavior of a loved one towards you immediately should you be alerted. Recently induced the spell easier to remove than one that has been in place for a long time. Don’t let opponents and haters to steal your happiness, love and family well-being. Practice rituals for the protection and strengthening of relations. Only when two hearts beat in unison, can not be afraid of alien magic. We wish you good love. Take care of yourself