Signs in the Church: what to do if dropped or extinguished candle

Candle, which is extinguished or falls, is an omen of something bad. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what to do in such an unpleasant case, and how to turn off trouble.

The rites familiar to everyone. To put candles before the Holy icons was accepted in ancient times. All worship in biblical times was conducted with candle light. In the period of the persecution of Christians this light helped to find the way to believers.

Time has changed, but Church tradition is still alive. Usually, no visit to the Church is not complete without this ritual. We put candles for health, for peace to help in the worldly life for yourself, loved ones, and to honor the memory of the dead. However, if your candle started to smoke, went out or just fell out of hands, you should think about what you hasten to warn of a Higher power.

If the candle fell

Clergymen argue that the apparent cause for concern only in the case if you dropped the candle for negligence. An accident or a small mistake does not depend on the person, so do not dwell on this. Just next time be careful and do not rush.

Another thing, when you put a candle and believe that its fall is not accidental. In this situation it is necessary to pay attention to one important detail: what did you put the candle. If well fortified, the candle was raised for the health of your relatives and friends and for unknown reasons fell — a sign of their impending malaise. If dropped the candle for the repose the soul of the deceased cannot find his place, she is wandering and suffering. In this case it is important to read the prayer for the dead, helping the dead to find the way.

Regardless, for whatever reason, dropped the candle, it should immediately raise, asking God’s forgiveness. Extinguished the candle should re-ignite and gently return to its original place.

If the candle went out

On this account believers are a vast number of signs and beliefs. Although the Church was vetoed on superstition and various tales, folk memory is known numerous cases of unexplained events, the link of which is an unlit candle. To deny this fact or to believe in him — only you can decide. Just remember that the Church signs carry immortalized the experience of our ancestors and to this day I warn people from potential hazards.

Candle, which was extinguished in the Church — a bad sign. The candle flame acts as an intermediary between the Lord and our thoughts turned to Him. If it is off, this means only one thing: spiritual connection with the Creator was broken, He had not heard your requests and prayers. The reasons for this can be many. Perhaps you angered the Supreme or crossed the line. You must immediately pray, take communion and to confess to the crime.

Extinguished candle for the dead may warn that the deceased mad at you. Read the prayer, ask for forgiveness. Only do it sincerely and with love in your heart. But if it stops burning candle dedicated to a living person — expect trouble. This marks trouble or health problems. Thus a Higher power to warn you and give you the chance to prevent negative events.

A candle went out — turn to the Lord, ask for his mercy and thank you for this gesture of love and compassion to you. If the candle flame will be lit, then your prayers have been answered. In any case, use common sense, after all, extinguish the candle could anything: a draft, someone else’s breath or a sudden arm movement. Do not panic and think in a negative way. Only your faith determines everything.

If the candle crackles

In the temple of crackling candles is not an exception to the rule. Much depends on the quality of the wax. However, the sign indicates an omen of trouble. If your candle is beginning to crack — it’s a sign of problems or illness, to cope with which is possible only by faith. And so, we need constantly to pray, to get rid of the sins and worldly temptations, to lead a righteous life and pray for forgiveness and for a speedy recovery.

Clergy are urged not to ignore the signs and keep to yourself only one true and genuine faith in the Lord. There is a perception that the fallen and extinguished the candle — a bad sign, but from the standpoint of Christianity it makes no difference. We wish you peace in your soul. Take care of yourself