Signs at the beginning of the year: will you luck in 2018?

The signs had always helped people to know in advance about your future. In the early years of life will give you many signs, and your task — not to lose them, and follow the prompts fate.

Each year, we begin in the hope that it will be successful for us. There are many ways to look into the future, it can be done and by means of signs. The people believed that sometimes life itself gives us some clues, and only skeptics deny them, thus depriving yourself of the chance to get lucky. Experts sites dailyhoro.ru will tell you what is necessary to pay attention at the beginning of the year to find out whether it will be successful and happy.

Signs at the beginning of 2018

If in the first days of the new year, going outside, you will see lots of crows, jackdaws or other birds with black feathers, it means that in 2018 will happen to you a lot of trouble that will come into your life unnoticed. Try to protect yourself, and help you with effective charms-charms.

Bad luck if you are with someone had a fight at the beginning of the year. This means that your life will be a person who will constantly interfere with your success. Be careful with new acquaintances and do not tell about your plans and secrets to a stranger.

In 2018, a new patron will be a Yellow earth Dog, so if in January you will see from his home a stray puppy, the year be successful. If you take the animal to your home, it will always be your mascot.

If in the first days of January, you were surrounded by a pack of evil dogs, good luck in 2018 do not wait. It’s a sign that you something have angered the patron, so try to make amends. Every day during the month food left over after dinner should not throw away and take to the street for homeless animals. If you don’t miss a single day, then the new owner will forgive you.

If after the New year you bumped into on the street or in the shop with your colleagues or boss, then in 2018 you will be a success at work.

If in January you will see about his house cat, soon your life will be envious people that will attempt to prevent you from moving forward.

If in January you want to take a walk in the woods, be sure to pay attention to the number of cones on the ground. If there are many, wait for luck in the new year.

Probably many have heard that spiders in the house bring luck, and even if one glance at them, you feel hatred, we can’t kill them. If the next day after the New year you will see in my bathroom spider, so next year you will succeed in all spheres of life.

Few people know that the patterns on the Windows are also sometimes a sign. If on Christmas Eve you will see the Windows are beautiful patterns in the form of hearts, stars, or the human image, so you will find success in your personal life.

Whether 2018 good for you or not, you can learn even on snow. If in the first days of January, leaving the house, you will see smooth and shiny snow, then the current year will bring you many victories. Dark snow with dents promises difficulties and problems.

If the first person you will see coming out of the house January 1, of the opposite sex, in 2018 you can expect positive changes in your personal life and new love.

Many signs are also connected with our dreams. As you know, the most truthful dreams are the beginning of the year. If in the first days of 2018 you dream that you are happy, it means that the year be successful and happy. A dream in which you feel sad or even suffer is a sign that this year you have to go through a lot of trouble.

If at the beginning of the year you happened to find on the street money, then the whole year you will live in wealth. The coins and bills do not have to pick up, as these items most often used for black rituals.

In the year of Yellow earth Dog you can radically change your life. However, we need to get rid of old things, and perhaps change their place of residence. Selling a house or car is a serious financial transaction, therefore please protect yourself and take advantage of an effective conspiracy. We wish you good luck in the New year. May all your wishes come true,