Show “Dancing” with the St. Petersburg participants will be aired on September 30

Each year, the Northern capital delivers on the show “DANCING” the whole company of the extraordinary, charismatic and terribly attractive dancers. Alexander Volkov, Dmitry Twitter, Stas Litvinov and many other stars of the project, the casting in St. Petersburg. This year the pot on the Neva river will continue to cook. So much so that the casting will have to spend two whole days to manage to show all the dancers. This Saturday the first part will be served by viewers of the show “DANCING” in this powerful cocktail of emotions that last for a week exactly until the next release!

To evaluate the performances of the dancers will be the mentors of the project Miguel and Tatyana Denisova. As well as the man responsible for the humor and second chances — Sergey Svetlakov. Each participant enough to hear one “Yes” from any jury member to be in “DANCING”!

Photo: TNT

This Saturday, September 30:
Very atmospheric “dance of Moriarty”!
Walk on air from the guy with the face of Ronaldo!
The first “Bravo!” from Sergey Svetlakov this season!
Cool breaker from the city of Slantsy in the shales!
Fierce dance battle the two participants in the show will be the only one!
And much, much more!

This week viewers will poznakomyatsya with a lot of guys who aren’t afraid to go after your dream despite the difficulties. One participant earns a living dancing in the St. Petersburg subway, the other works as a welder, and the third was diagnosed, which can put an end to her dancing. But none of them has accepted his fate, and now they’re in the show “DANCING” on TNT!

Several participants of the show “DANCING” from St. Petersburg has graciously agreed to give our Agency a short interview:

Vitaly Ulianov

Photo: Vitaly Ulianov / VKontakte

Your first time on the casting?

— No, this is my third attempt.

— Why come again?

Because I believe even if you the first time something does not work, the second does not work, you should not be upset and still go to his dream. I have the whole third season of thought do I need this and is it worth it to go back and understand that this is not only my personal goal is I want to show people that you need to strive for your dreams and you will succeed.

— Tell me about your activities in St. Petersburg.

— I have my own dance Studio Puzzle, where we learn to dance mostly hip-hop. Together with the guys go to competitions. And I am team Tatiana Bulanova and go with her on a tour of the cities.

— It turns out that you have choreographic education?

I have no dance education, I’m just more than half my life engaged in dancing, now I’m 28 years old, and I dance with 12. I think the choreographer is not a profession but vocation.

— How long have you been teaching these 16 years?

— 9 years.

Is your dance style?

— Hip hop

And there is a direction with which you would like to meet you on the project?

Yeah, I really want to learn contemporary dance. I believe I will be able to master this style on the project.

— Tell your story of fun dancing.

— I was born in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. At the age of 12 walked in and saw that the guys on the grass engaged in the breakdance scene. It was a self-taught, then in such a small village, of course, there were no dance schools. I joined the guys, we watched videotapes of performances of world stars and on the grass repeated the motion. Then I moved to Petersburg and has more closely began to learn styles.

— Where he studied in St. Petersburg?

National state University of physical culture, sport and health named after P. F. Lesgaft.

— Where to spend 3 million rubles — the winner of the show “DANCING”? And what is important to you — the title of “Best dancer of the country” or money?

If that happens, I’ll win the project, you are likely to buy an apartment in St. Petersburg, I have been on this issue of work. On the one hand, recognition is very important to me, and on the other I can achieve their goals and become better.

— Who will you support?

On the project I will maintain my self-esteem (smiles). And I really hope that Miguel. Because I want to see him in the team.

Olga Code

Photo: Olga Code / VKontakte

Why did you come to the project? What are your goals?

The goal, of course, to win. Come to the project I was inspired by other dancers, such as Vitaly Ulianov who came for the third time.

— You are new here.

— No, this is my second attempt. The first time I came to the project in the first season but didn’t make the last selection in the top 24.

Your favorite dance style.

— I have many of them. For example, I love krump, hip hop, twerk. I like to watch, like dancing in these styles.

And what style is going to be?

— It will be a pole dance, but in Code style.

— Why do I like such different styles, but are quite different?

It is very difficult to combine with the pole. It is impossible to do tricks on the pole, and then jump and dance crump. So I only use erotic movement in your room, this is my personal style and I put other.

— Is there some new direction that you would like to master?

— Perhaps this is crump, which I feel difficult, but very cool.

— Tell your story of fun dancing.

— I’ve danced since childhood, but it was very simple classes where we learned the polka. We have not had any stretching or gymnastics. And then puberty came, and I gave up. After the 11th grade he decided to join the choreographer, apparently, remembered that as a child he loved to dance and thought can now. I was told that it is a big job to learn from the choreographer, but I said that anyway.

— Do you have choreography?

I graduated from Tomsk College culture.

— How long you live in St. Petersburg?

— About five years.

— Tell me about your activities in St. Petersburg.

— We have a dance school with my sister. Mostly we get to learn pole dance, but we also teach stretching.

— Where to spend 3 million rubles — the winner of the show “DANCING”? And what is important to you — the title of “best dancer of the country” or money?

— Of course, the title of “Best dancer of the country,” because the money will disappear. I have several options where to spend the winnings: I or someone will give or will give to those who will need or will invest in our sister business.

— Who supports you?

— My sister and a young man. And all the dancers, we’re like one big family.

Daria Koval’, 22 years old, Dnepr

Photo: Daria Smith / VK

Timothy Pendik, 26 years old, Saint Petersburg

Photo: Timothy Pendik / VKontakte

Why did you come to the project? What are your goals?

Timothy: I’m here for the second time. Last time was green, hoped at least to pass a General casting, but to my surprise I was almost to the selection in the top 24. But all that is done, all the better. Today I set a goal to reach the final.

Daria: I’ve never participated before, watched the draft on TNT. I really liked the choreography, loved the fact that here a lot of underground styles: hip-hop, house, locking. I want to try myself. Goals are always high, and see what happens (Smiling).

Favorite dance style.

Daria: I love to dance, but unfortunately, not enough time to do everything. So, as I teach contemporary, he and prefer. In General, I just love dancing in all its forms.

Timothy: I Love contemporary jazz. I feel closer to the theater, as I am an artist musical. Broadway is my everything.

Timothy, where did you play?

Timothy: I took part in the 3D musical Pola Negri, 3D show-musical #Jumio, the musical “Jolly fellows”. In the summer I teach group jazz funk and contemporary dance at the International Center of modern choreography (IDC), and in the fall I starts the theatre season.

So you have choreography?

Timothy: Yes, I was born in Vladivostok and graduated from there Primorsky regional College of culture. Then moved to St. Petersburg and graduated as M. D. choreographer.

Dasha, you are the first time in St. Petersburg?

Daria: I was the first time in St. Petersburg came to casting.

Not afraid to play together, as duets most often share?

Timothy: of Course, this fear is. We desceu initially knew that can only take one, but if we go together, it still will not move on the project together as a Duo. It would be cool if in the new season took 24 dancers and set boy-girl. I would be happy to work with Dasha in the pair, as she is versatile dancer, beautiful, lightweight, a dream of any partner.

Daria: We’re adults, I hope for the best, but if you pass only one, we are ready and willing to support each other.

And what came on the project?

Timothy: Steam room choreography in the contemporary style.

Who will support the project?

Timothy: All Petersburg with me, all of my students.

Daria: My students are also very worried about me.

Who in the team would like?

Timothy: because I believe that we are one-stop dancers will decorate any team. We with Dasha even it would be interesting to get into different teams. Normal dancers there is such a thing as healthy competition. I think Dasha is a strong dancer and I would be interested to compete.

Daria: Timothy work together and perform a duet, but would represent one person, so it would be interesting to work in different teams and compete with each other.

Watch the show “DANCING” every Saturday at 21: 30 on TNT!