Shia LaBeouf suffered a protest against trump in the UK

Anti-presidential protest-performance Shia LaBeouf “He will not separate us”, which had a long history of appearing in United States of America, found a new home in the UK.

The British Foundation for the arts and creative technology have agreed to such neighborhood, and Shia immensely glad of that.
“As time has shown, the United States of America this art project unsafe,” — commented on the move to another continent star “of Transferof”. And vnew York, in the town of Jacksonville, and Tennessee this project was accompanied by scandals connected with the hassles of fans trump his opponents.
Earlier Shia brought the project to a secret place, not stopping online stream, however, the active electorate trump found out where he changed the broadcast flag America red baseball cap Donald with the inscription “let’s Make America great again” — the campaign slogan of the President.
Recall that the action of performance “He will not separate us” was launched with the inauguration of Donald trump. Everyone could approach the camera and to Express their attitude to the President, starting with the words “he will not separate us”.

Source: https://lenta.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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