Sharon stone can’t find a man because of the children

On the eve of mother’s Day the Hollywood actress and mother of three adopted sons Sharon stone received the award “mother of the year”. In the acceptance speech she said that her children – meaning in her life, but in a subsequent interview frankly admitted that the status of a single mother scares men. That’s why she’s still single.

Sharon was married twice and twice divorced. The children gave the life of 59-year-old actress a special meaning, but to be lonely she wouldn’t. Stone believes that divorced moms with kids are lonely in Hollywood.
“I have three children, and in this city and society I have no chance of going to meet the man, ready to say, “wow, I’d like to meet her and replace the father with all those crumbs.” So the kids kind of got me away from it,” said Sharon.
Recall that the “crumbs” Sharon is actually not so crumbs. Rohan, Layard and Quinn for 13, 12 and 10 years, respectively. With the last her husband Phil Bronstein actress divorced in 2004 after six years of marriage. The eldest son she adopted, being married, and the other two as single mothers.
Earlier this year Sharon was attributed an affair with a sports agent Lonnie Cooper, but their relationship is suddenly stopped. We must pay tribute – Sharon looks stunning, especially for her age. It definitely increases her chances to find the man of her dreams, even at such a respectable age.

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