Shannen Doherty spoke about his suffering

Later diagnosed with breast cancer actress Shannen Doherty managed to metastasize in the lymph nodes and spread on. This was the actress who decided to speak publicly about what is happening with her body, said in a recent interview.

“I had breast cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes, and during one of the operations we have learned that some cancer cells may actually went from the lymph nodes. Because I am now undergoing chemotherapy and then will do radiation” — said Shannen.
45-year-old actress is a terrible diagnosis have put in February 2015, however, Doherty believes that “the unknown is always the worst”. Now, when the problem is known, it remains to decide her.
“I don’t know if it works chemotherapy if radiotherapy. I know I will need more than one course, n all this can be kept under control. The pain can be controlled, life without a breast can also be taken. Most importantly – care about their future and the lives of people you love” said Shannen and added that her relatives, particularly her husband Kurt Iswarienko, help her in difficult moments.
“I’m laying in bed at the time turns into bath. This gave me the chills, just to the ceiling throws. After my first chemotherapy I lost ten pounds instantly. After that, the last thing you want is to be driving in the car. You do not want to be moved or touched, you can’t have.. But my husband does it all through my reluctance. He carries me to the doctor, transfers to the car, helps as he can” she said.
Doherty recently shocked everyone by the fact that shaved his head bald, but for her it was not as bad as losing a breast. According to Shannen, mastectomy was incredibly cruel.
“It was very traumatic and cruel spectacle. My mom was there, but when I saw myself in the locker room, I ran to the car and there burst into tears” — admitted the star of the TV series “Beverly hills 90210”.
The decision to speak openly about what is happening with her body during treatment, it was well thought out.
“I would not wish anyone to pass this way, but since I got so cross I want my work to be of some use to someone else. If I can help at least one person, this game will be worth the candle. So it’s easier for me to endure my illness,” — said the actress.

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