Shannen Doherty is afraid that will lose the battle for his life

Star of the TV series “Charmed” and “Beverly hills 90210” Doherty, Shannen going through a difficult period in life, the actress is being treated for cancer. The diagnosis of breast cancer she received in the last year, and now she is undergoing another course of chemotherapy. Despite the support of family and friends, Shannen is not optimistic and believes that in this battle she did not become a winner.

“I’m starting to think I will not survive. I’m not thinking about tomorrow.. don’t know if I’ll ever again look like before, I just want to believe that my struggle will not be in vain” — wrote on his page in the social network 45-year-old actress.
Recently she has started losing hair, which often happens in those who are undergoing chemotherapy. On his page in the social network she showed photos and video of how to shave your head bald. According to Jason Presley, a partner Shannen on the series “Beverly hills 90210”, this is a courageous decision by Daugherty.
Recently, the actress admitted that due to the treatment she will never be able to become a mother, but she and her husband Kurt, Iswarienko dreamed about the baby. After chemotherapy Shannen will also mastectomy, but mastectomy care Doherty the least.
“It’s only a breast. Much more important to just live and grow old beside her husband” — says the actress.
According to Escareno, who is married to Doherty from 2011, a scary diagnosis of his wife – another way to test the strength of their marriage, which, as n believes, will withstand all adversity.
With tears in his eyes during a recent talk show, the actress thanked all concerned for their support.
“Now I follow the diet, do sports and try very hard to think positively. I thank my fans and my family for being with me,” she said.

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