Shakira has hinted that she is pregnant for the third time

Singer Shakira is a happy mother of two boys, whom she loves, whom be proud of and admires. But fans of the star think that the singer lacks a little Princess, she would be pampered, dressed in little dresses and tying bows. Soon this situation may change. Fans of the singer believe that she is pregnant again and this time its with Gerard Pique family it’s a girl.

The findings about Shakira’s pregnancy prompted a recent sharp and categorical refusal to speak at the award ceremony of the Latin American Academy of art. Then Shakira said that she was forced to do it due to “special circumstances of a personal nature.”

Many have written on social networks celebrity congratulations on the imminent addition to the family. Shakira she prefers not to comment on the speculation of fans.

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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