Shakira denies breakup with Gerard Pique appeared with him – 24???

Singer Shakira and footballer Gerard Pique has finally denied the rumors about the problems in their relationship. In each other’s arms they were caught by the paparazzi.

Shakira and Gerard noticed at the airport in new York, where they arrived to celebrate Christmas with the children — 5-year-old Milan and 2-year-old Sasha. New images of Supervisory paparazzi finally denied all the speculation about problems in the stellar family. The lovers flew in from new York home and hit the lenses of the cameras in the airport terminal. They always smiled, not hesitating to hug in public, and still look happy, reports Elle.ru.

Singer Shakira and footballer Gerard Pique | Legion Media

For previously recorded versions of some media reports, the cause of the break 40-year-old Shakira and 30-year Peak was a substantial age difference. The publication wrote that they don’t even live together. Later, the agent Shakira said that the information about the TIFF was invented to harm the sports career of Gerard Pique.

Pique and Shakira are in a relationship for 7 years. They are raising two children, and in may 2017, it became known that they intend to get married.