Shailene Woodley sentenced for participating in a protest

In early October, the actress Shailene Woodley took part in a peaceful protest at the construction of the pipeline, which is negatively disposed against the indigenous population of the four States in the Central United States.

Police arrested Shaylene, and with it, another 26 people, most of whom are representatives of the indigenous population of the United States. The reason for the detention was “criminal trespass and participating in the riots”.

Today it became known, what punishment Woodley will suffer for their actions.

The star of “Divergent” was sentenced to one year probation without supervision of conduct. The actress also had to pay a Deposit of $ 500, reports BBC.

Note that the protest was peaceful and no harm or damage to anyone not inflicted. However, the police decided to detain protesters.

She Shaylene was the live broadcast of the action in Facebook. “Guys, I would not want to bring bad cinematic joke, but there’s shit in the style of “Divergent” — said Woodley at the camera.


Source: intermedia.ru, intermedia.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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