Seven dreams that warn you of important events

During sleep we, without knowing it, we see signs warning us about important events. They should pay attention to avoid trouble.

Almost all people have dreams, but we do not always think about their significance and the possibilities they point us. It is known that Higher forces are communicating with us exclusively at the subconscious level, which makes it vulnerable and malleable when we are in the dream state. It is at such moments our mind goes to open contact with subtle energy flows, picking up on the clues the Universe and signals from above.

What dreams

Specialists in bioenergetics say that sleep is a condition during which we find ourselves in parallel worlds. Studies of dreams reveal that dreams alter our consciousness, we visited other realities that touch us in everyday life only the unseen energy level.

Dreams are filled with unrealistic images, actions, and events, which is why they are often incomprehensible to us. Sometimes dreams baffle us, especially if you have to repeat the story. But at the same time they excite the interest, of mystical fear and the desire to find the answers to all your questions. While in the dream state, we can understand the feelings at times stronger and brighter than those with whom they are accustomed to encounter in the normal course of life.

Sleep is inseparably associated with conscious life and sends our subconscious a certain message. While in the dream state, we disconnect from tension, anxiety and negative emotions. In other words, dreams help us “let off steam” — basically it is their sacred value. But that’s not all. We disclose in a dream its energy potential, the filtered information and create their future.

It turns out that dreams are painted in different colors. The dream points to your temperament and character. Than impressionable a person is, the brighter his dreams — say the experts in the field of bioenergy. Muted or even black and white dreams watching people who used to be considered exclusively with the mind. But in either case, the dreams come from our subconscious, hiding behind a person, and help us to understand and hear himself. The more detailed you remember the dream, the stronger his value for the future. Yes, with the help of dreams you can learn about what is hidden in the future, how to achieve this or how to avoid it. You just know those dreams that warn you of important events. There are only seven.

Seven dreams, signaling important events

Sleep — a person’s reflection, the mirror of the soul. In them we are able to feel, to act, to rejoice or feel pain, to feel all that experienced in life. The subconscious mind, working like a clock, never sleeps and helps to get rid of stress and overexertion. It is in our subconscious hidden energy potential for improvement and future improvements, and many dreams indicate just that. Dreams not only show our mental state — they represent a future that you can prepare, but if you want to change. The influence of such dreams are much longer than the others: it lasts for about a few months. This period of time is given to the Universe so you can make important decisions and improve your life.

1. Sleep with closed objects. Often we have closed the items that we can’t access. It can be anything: a window, a box, drawer or door. If you dream you are troubled by the fact that any price of anything open, you should pay attention to this. A higher power trying to tell you. You need to be careful: you’re hiding something important. Knowing this, you will be able to get rid of many problems.

2. Sleep with receiving calls or messages. If in the dream you someone strongly wants to communicate, remember, is the Creator. If you dream of a ringing phone or flashing message, it means that your life is about to change. But in order to achieve happiness, you need to be alert and to pay attention to every detail so as not to miss a good opportunity. The answer usually lies on the surface.

3. Flying in a dream. This dream means that you are avoiding responsibility, of voluntary decisions and initiatives. Higher powers want you to untie this knot and stopped running away from their obligations. Only develop yourself, you will be able to see the world through completely different eyes.

4. The lunar disc in a dream means that you rapidly reveal your creativity, but fear stigmatization and failure. The universe trying to tell you that it’s time to get out of the comfort zone and change lives for the better, to reveal themselves and to free themselves from imposed frames.

5. Sleep on the road. These dreams are very symbolic. It all depends on what you are experiencing emotions, holding in the dream direction. If your path has no obstacles, so, in life you are going in the right direction, only need to take one sure step towards my own happiness. Another thing, when in your journey you stumble upon pitfalls. In this case, you are warned that you are off course, lost its purpose. You need to review your plans and be vigilant in matters that indirectly affect you.

6. A dream about colors. To dream flowering plants — to meet in the near future a pleasant change. This applies to all aspects of life. But the flowers wilted, indicate that you can not let go of the past. A higher power sending you a hint that you walk in a circle. It’s time to turn the page and start a new life.

7. Sleep is associated with water. If you dream you somehow interact with water, for example, drink it, swim, sink or contemplate, you need to take a closer look at boiling water, or, on the contrary, she is calm. In the first case, you need to calm down and get through a difficult period. In the second you expect a hassle that can be solved by being assertive and for their zeal.

The more you dream, the stronger your energy. The main purpose of dreams is to release negative emotions gained during the day. But if you listen to the subconscious, you can improve your life. Therefore, it is important to cope with insomnia. We wish you good mood, good luck,