Servant of the people season 3


Servant of the people season 3 — continuation of the popular Comedy series from the TV channel 1+1 and Studio Quarter.

Premiere of the project took place in November 2015. After the high ratings and excellent reviews, at the end of 2016, the sequel in the form of a feature film. Then in the fall of 2017 was submitted to the second season.

In two seasons, the project managed to gain a huge army of fans who want to know when will be the continuation.

Release date of season 2 of the series servant of the people of interest to our readers, who are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the new series.

About the show:
Release year: 2015
Country: Ukraine
Channel: 1+1
Rating: Kinopoisk 7.954
Genre: Comedy
Project Director: Alexey kiryushchenko
Writer: Yuriy Kostyuk, Andriy Yakovlev
Starring: Vladimir Zelensky, Stanislav Boklan, Natalia Sumska, Victor Saraykin, Ekaterina Kisten, Anna Kosmal, Rinat Khabibulin, Yevgeniy Koshevoy, Alexander Pikalov
The plot:

The plot of this Comedy series implements a very utopian picture in which the whole country is ruled by a simple man.

This man of the people, of course, the best representative of humanity. He is honest, conscientious, with good principles and moral values.

The protagonist of the series “servant of the people” — the history teacher Vasily Goloborod’ko, of which the people elect the President.

The whole country is tired of corruption and indifferent attitude of the authorities towards yourself, choose this the common man.

As President, he lives in an apartment like everyone goes to work in minibuses and live from paycheck to paycheck.

The picture is perfect. With the President it would seem that the country will prosper. However, whether Goloborodko overcome a huge System that was built over the years?


Release date of season 3 a servant of the people will be in November 2018, if the project will be continued.