Series “the Sniffer” (2017): actors, roles, trailer, release date – 24???

Monday, October 2, 2017, on the First channel will premiere the third season of “the Sniffer”.

The plot multiseries film is a closely guarded secret. Despite this, it is known that key characters will remain unchanged. The intrigue of the plot of the series “Sniffer” is in the personality of the main antagonist. Actors and the role of the series “Sniffer” in the material edition 24???.

Kirill Kyaro (Sniffer)
Series “the Sniffer”: actor Kirill kyaro in the title role | 1tv.ru

Sniffer is a freelance expert of the Special Bureau of investigation (SBR), a detective with a special gift. He has a unique sense of smell, which, combined with intuition and a sharp mind can unravel the most complex criminal offences.

The role of Sniffer in the series was performed by non-Estonian actor Kirill kyaro. His career began in the theater Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. Became recognizable after the release of the series “Liquidation” with Vladimir Mashkov in the title role. Later starred in the film “Gone and never came back”, TV series “Zastava Zhilina” and “Margot”. After the release of season 1 of the series “the Sniffer” has become even more popular — played in the films “Star”, “Sex, coffee, cigarettes,” “All that jam”, “Swordsman”, “Londongrad. Know ours!”, “Juna”, “Betrayal” and many others. One of the last prominent roles Kirill — Ilya Lavrov in the TV series “Teach me how to live.”

Ivan Oganesyan (Victor)
Series “the Sniffer”: actor Ivan Oganesyan in the role of Victor

Viktor Lebedev, the partner of a Sniffer. Hero in season 3 will continue to be responsible for the humor in the series and will delight the audience with a sequel to love line with a forensic scientist Irina. Victor will make every effort to achieve reciprocity the first woman who refused him.

Actor Ivan Oganesyan will play in the 3rd season of “the Sniffer” Victor Lebedev. Known for his roles in the television series “waiting list”, “Trap”, “Citizen One”, “Fathers”. All were involved in 50 projects. His acting career began tragically — Hovhannisyan participated in the musical “Nord-OST” and was one of the hostages on 23 October 2002.

Agne Will Gradite (Irina)
Series “the Sniffer”: the actress Agne will Gradite as Irina

Irina Nordin is a talented forensic expert and charming woman. Character included in the storyline in the second season of “the Sniffer” and became one of the favorite characters. It is known that in the third season, Irina will demonstrate martial arts skills, in particular, will show sparring with staves.

As Irina made actress Agne will Gradite. For the first time on television appeared in the series “Summer in Nisei” (Lithuania, 2010). The charismatic blonde has starred in the TV series “Wine route”, the Comedy “Valentine’s Day” adventure detective “the Inspector of Majilis”. Agne will Gradite played the role in the film-catastrophe “Crew” by Nikolai Lebedev.

Nikolai chindyaikin (General)
Series “the Sniffer”: actor Nikolai chindyaikin are in the role of General | ruskino.ru

Major-General and head of the RBU played by actor Nikolai Chindyajkin. In the cinema he appeared quite late — at the age of 43 she appeared in the adventure drama “the Sea wolf” based on the works of Jack London. Known for the Comedy “Mama do not cry!”, the TV series “Men’s work”, “Antikiller”, “Gangster Petersburg”, “Hour Volkova”. Nikolai chindyaikin played in the films “Under the Polar star”, “Talisman of love”, “children of the Arbat” and “Alexandrovsky garden”.

Maria Anikanova (Julia)
Series “the Sniffer”: actress Maria Anikanova in the role of Julia

Julia is a former spouse Sniffer.

The role of Julia is played by the actress Maria Anikanova. Honored artist of Russia received the first popularity with audiences, appearing in the TV series “a woman without a past”, “Missing”, “waiting list”. In 2014 released tape of the siege of Leningrad Line “Martha”.

Nina Gogaev (Resurrection)
Series “the Sniffer”: actress Nina Gogaev in the role of the resurrection

Tatiana Voskresenskaya — candidate of medical Sciences, the doctor-the otolaryngologist. As in the first two seasons, the resurrection acts as a consultant Sniffer.

Her role is played by the actress Nina Gagaeva. Debut work was the recurring role of a Secretary in the cult series “Brigada”. First major role played in the series “the Bay of missing divers”. Starred in the detective series “Trace”, played a small role in a serial “the champion” and “Barvikha”. Most popular Gorevoy brought the TV series “Sword”, “Judge”, “Forester”.

A Tambet Tuisk (Thomas)
Series “the Sniffer”: actor Tambet Tuisk in the role of Thomas | yandex.net

The plot of season 3 of the series “Sniffer” lifts the veil of the mysteries of the childhood of the protagonist. Most of the events happening in the capital of Estonia.

Estonian actor Tambet tuisk the played the role of Thomas. Was involved in 12 projects, among which there are Russian tape series “After school” in 2012. He was lucky to play with Sergei Shakurova, Mikhail Porechenkova, Mikhail Troshinym, Ksenia Rappoport and other masters of Russian cinema.

Katrin Pärn (Wilma)
Series “the Sniffer”: actress Katrin pärn in the role of Wilma | kino-teatr.ru

In the third season of the Sniffer turns to its roots — parents and where he grew up, was formed as a person and have gained a unique gift.

In the role of Wilma were actress Katrin pärn. Her cinematic career began with the Estonian film “the Republic”. In 2007 she starred in the film “Distracted marriage.”

Series “the Sniffer” season 3 — official trailer (video):