Series “Moscow Greyhound”: actors, roles, release date and trailer – 24???

Monday, 31 July 2017, kicks off the series “Moscow Greyhound”.

Borzov is the name of Alevtina Sergeyevna, the heroine of the serial movie. On fragile female shoulders lay leadership men’s team in a provincial town.

In addition to challenges at work Borzova have to confront his subordinates. Actors and the role of the series “Moscow Greyhound” – in the material edition 24???.

Olga Krasko (Alevtina Borzov)
Series “Moscow Greyhound”: actress Olga Krasko in the role Alevtina Borzova | russia.tv

Alevtina Sergeevna Borzov mayor of Moscow criminal investigation Department. Attractive woman – a true professional of his craft, but due to certain circumstances is forced to submit a letter of resignation. In addition to drastic changes in career, Alevtina caught up with the changes and at the personal level, she broke up with the beloved man.

The main female role in the series “Moscow Greyhound” was played by actress Olga Krasko. From his student years she performed in the theater of Oleg Tabakov. Wide fame Olga brought the lead female role in the film adaptation of the novel by Boris Akunin “Turkish gambit”. Krasko starred in the cult films “Yesenin”, “the Golden calf”, “Gravity”, “Sklifosovsky”, “Territory” and many others.

Vladimir Litvinov (General Grishin)
Series “Moscow Greyhound” actor Vladimir Litvinov in the role of General Grishina | mediapsart.ru

After the decision of dismissal to the aid of Borzova comes its Director – General Grishin. Man points Alevtina in Nizhny Novgorod, where the girl will lead the Department for particularly serious crimes.

The role of General Grishina in the series “Moscow Greyhound” was played by the actor of theatre and cinema Vladimir Litvinov. Often it can be seen in domestic serials (“Gangster Petersburg”, “Prince of Siberia”, “the secret guard. Deadly games”). One of the latest striking works Litvinova – biographical story of the legendary hockey player Vyacheslav Fetisov, “Glory.”

Oleg Diamonds (Maxim Reshetnikov)
The series “the hound of the Moscow” actor Oleg Diamonds in the role of Maxim Reshetnikova | russia.tv

Nizhny Novgorod welcomes Moscow cold and even aggressive. The men’s team under the leadership of Maxim Reshetnikov does not want to obey “capital lady”. The leader personally insulted by the appointment Borzova for the position to which he aspired.

In the role of leader of group Maxim Reshetnikov spoke actor Oleg Diamonds. His filmography includes more than 130 roles in film projects, his acting career Oleg has had 9 theatres of St. Petersburg. On the screen Oleg Diamonds began appearing in 2000-ies in the films “angel Heart”, “a Time to gather stones”, “Alla Alla search”. The latest works of artist series “Plaque”, “Identity unknown”, “Circulation”, “someone else’s happiness”, “side of the moon”.

Alexander Ratnikov (Nikolai Gorokhov)
Series “Moscow Greyhound” actor Alexander Ratnikov in the role of Nikolai Gorokhov

Nikolay Gorokhov – expressive and even uncontrollable member of the new team Borzova. The man does not hesitate to use brute force when dealing with prisoners.

The role of aggressive Nikolay Gorokhov played by actor Alexander Ratnikov. His cinematic debut was the short film “Dismissal”. It is known for small but memorable roles. The best works of Alex Ratnikova, “Mom”, “Doctor Tyrsa”, “Earth people”, “Flint”, “trust”, “Victoria”, “Psycho”, “Sect”, “Smile”, “Dark world: Equilibrium”, “Love like a natural disaster”.

Sergey Mukhin (Anton Tumanov)
Series “Moscow Greyhound” actor Sergey Mukhin in the role of Anton Tumanov | kino-teatr.ru

Anton Tumanov – the most peaceful of Department for particularly serious crimes. With the mind of a peace-loving man is fraught with consequences of the war in Chechnya – he was badly wounded.

In the role of Anton Tumanov was made by actor Sergey Mukhin. The national popularity he gained after the release of the teen Comedy “don’t Even think” and TV series “Doomed to become a star, was love.” Recent works by the artist have become the main role in the projects of “fortune Cookies”, “fern Flower”, “the Price of treason”, “Fire, water and rusty pipes”.

Nikolai Lunin (Taras Ivashchenko)
Series “Moscow Greyhound” actor Nikolai Lunin in the role of Taras Ivashchenko russia.tv

Taras Ivashchenko – one more decoration of the male staff of the Department for particularly serious crimes. His nickname in the team speaks for itself – “a disaster”.

The role of Taras Ivashchenko in the series “Moscow Greyhound” was played by actor Nikolai Lunin. Bright the role went to born in the Ukrainian town of Yenakievo in the TV series “Interns”, “Police with the ruble” and “the Last COP”. Often plays law enforcement officers and security guards. His filmography includes more than 60 works.

Sergey Shekhovtsov (General Pirow)
Series “Moscow Greyhound” actor Sergey Shekhovtsov as a General Pirova | kino-teatr.ru

General Parov – the new head of Alevtina Sergeyevna. The man is convinced that the vols will not sustain life in Nizhny Novgorod and bias of colleagues. He believes, but it helps.

The role of the new chief Borzova played by actor Sergey Shekhovtsov. He took part in more than a hundred film projects. Participated in the creation of the painting “Lily of the valley silver”, “Turkish March”, “Boomer”, “Soldiers”, “Flint”, “Freaks”, “the Investigator Tikhonov”. In the series on the life of Joseph Stalin, “Vlasic. Shadow of Stalin” played the role of Kliment Voroshilov.

Series “Moscow Greyhound” – official trailer (video):