Sergey zaharias changed Lily Cetraro. Video

Moreover, during one of the fights Lily only narrowly managed to avoid serious injury. Even after seeing there is little doubt that Sergei and Lily quickly reconciled, however, no one could imagine that immediately after the quarrel of Zacharias find a replacement Cetraro and even be able to sleep with his new darling, the website life-dom2.su.

Judging by the personnel of the future live in the moment, while the Lily walked around the “Island of love”, Sergey managed to sleep with Alexandra Sheva. Moreover, Cetraro just by chance caught the lovers red-handed. While Zacharias was volshebnica with Sasha, unsuspecting Lily was listening to music with headphones.

“Again, vulgar and mediocre script,” “Production! I wonder how many frames were removed, so puffed someone and Lily at this point, the headphones passed by” – he wrote to fans of youth telestroke.