Sergey Zacharias doesn’t know how to keep relationship with Lily Cetraro

Sergey Zacharias appealed to his followers on Instagram with a request to tell him how to keep relationship with Lily Cetraro. Participants “Houses-2” Sergey Zacharias and Lily Cetraro lately and then show the audience that their pair is not so smooth. Quarrels, scandals and mutual reproaches have become their constant companions. This state of Affairs does not suit the man, but how to fix it, he doesn’t know, and therefore appealed for help to the subscribers, noting that from the visible.

Tips Instagram-followers Sergey Zachariash was reduced to one — relationships are not save, you need to leave.

According to its users, the Lily Cetraro needs more adult and wealthy man who could provide and for the expense of their money would remain for her unquestioned authority. At the same time, Sergey Zaharias need more kind, simple and loving girl.
Many noted that the incompatibility of these two indicate problems in bed. Coldness in intimate life in the first year of the relationship needs to come to certain conclusions.

The final decision lies with Sergey Zachariasen and Lily Cetraro.