Sergey Sichkar stood up for Anton Beccaria

For those who know the journalist Anton Beccaria firsthand and up to date on the latest news! I’m usually indifferent to all the news, but could not miss this… I know Anton personally, since January 2013. The last interview he gave in July 2017. So all this time we were in touch with him… never has there been such that he had written the truth! Before placing the interview in the magazine, on the website, it necessarily sends the finished material to you, unless that something is wrong, you correct he corrects, and never has there been such that he without the consent of the released. It was such that I had no desire to discuss any topic and he on my behalf did not write, although, it touched me. He is a professional, a master of his craft! He is very educated, tactful, truthful, we can trust him, and once, if you did not want, do not write! Therefore, I suggest, less languages scrub and change your social circle, then about You no one will say anything and he never will! All the troubles from us. Peace and good to You, good people.