Sergey Shnurov with semen by Slepakova smashed to smithereens song famous rapper

Sergey Shnurov together with semen by Slepakova the other day mocking the rapper Pharaoh. The showmen argued about the song by “Five minutes ago”.

Gleb Golubin, he’s a rapper Pharaoh, your track released in 2016. The composition tells the story of the sexual act that the perpetrator “not five minutes ago.” About this gross inaccuracies first stated the artist.

Actor in “Instagram” reported that the Pharaoh in the composition have indicated the exact time of the incident, and in the chorus this time is five minutes, although much better to sing it would be about six minutes.

Slepakov turned to the rapper, writing that demonstrates a cold-blooded punctuality and provocative insolence, telling the audience not just about the action committed with his loved one, but also reported the exact time of the action. Loyal fans Golubina, according to Seeds, the cynicism and arrogance of the rapper give their fans an ideal, which, unfortunately, lasts very long. And while Hleb was singing the second verse – flying one more minute. Simon says that he was timing. Also Slepakov asked the rapper to publicly apologize to the fans and to immediately correct the composition.

And followed by Slepakova about song “Five minutes ago” was not able not to speak the frontman of the “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov. Allegedly his, in the argument of the rapper there is a common mistake, because he committed are not familiar with the ancient Greek paradoxes of Zeno. The leader of the “Leningrad” believes that the hero of the song Glebova intimate action makes a “five minutes ago” each time, but not one, than reduce to one minute the duration of the coitus.

Shnurov says that the Achilles will catch the tortoise, how do you not catch the meaning of the text. Slepakov in response to their mistake was recognized, noting that he trusts the authority and experience of the older partner.

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