Sergey Shnurov sent Dmitry Nagiyev on the set of “Teacher” – 24???

Musician Sergey Shnurov took part in the filming of the picture “the Teacher”. In the story, Thomas, played by actor Dmitry Nagiyev visited the rehearsal of the music group “Leningrad”, informs a portal “Days.”

Tom offers to tell the new artist curse. Sergey, distracted, begins to ask many questions.

After that, the character of Dmitry Nagiyev says goodbye to the singer. Cords soon performs his favorite song.

Dmitry Nagiyev and Sergey Shnurov | L!FE

At the end of the episode offers Nagiyev Cords “to drive” around a certain direction.

“Ehay! Ehay***”, ” the musician sings Nagiyev.

Earlier Russian media reported that the main role in the series gets actress Sophia Reisman and actor Victor Sukhorukov.