Sergey Shnurov said, why not lucky “Leningrad” in Ukraine

Group “Leningrad” popular at home and abroad.

The work of the team is always important. At the group’s concerts, never a dull moment, and after this long trying to get over it as the happiness hormone and adrenaline in the body rolls.

Yet to experience the atmosphere of the concerts of the “Leningrad” can’t the Ukrainian audience. The team refuses to go to a neighboring state. Here’s how the leader of group Sergey Shnurov explains this decision: “as soon As will have more or less established at least minimal, normal diplomatic relations immediately come. Now you can not — just to our house, not peck!”

Cord added that the “Leningrad” was able to visit Ukraine in 2014, but was rooted in the sad event that stopped the musicians.

“If we sang songs like I love you, and so on of this Opera, this would be perceived normally. Do our Russian artists who come to Ukraine. And we still puiestee and persiste,” explained the singer.

Source: lenta.ru
Photo: afisha.bigmir.net

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