Sergey Shnurov has helped the pensioner from Bryansk to buy an apartment

An interesting story is discussed by the users of the social network. It turns out that the leader of group “Leningrad”, Sergei Shnurov, not only to swear on the stage, but to do good deeds.

According to media reports, the musician has transferred 500 thousand rubles Bryansk pensioner, who lived in the stables. Write about it and Bryansk media. We are talking about 79-year-old Nina Makeeva, which for 30 years has lived in an unheated barn, built in the XIX century. Local authorities have not solved her housing problem, although more than once promised it.

After Makeyev told his story on the transfer of “Male/female”, an anonymous patron has translated her the sum of half a million roubles to the pensioner could buy a house. According to some, this philanthropist is Sergey Shnurov.

Thanks to his assistance, and transfers from other people, Makeeva have already bought a one-bedroom apartment.