Sergey Pritula wrote a touching post and showed his late father (PHOTO)


Presenter and showman Serhiy Prytula always recalled with pride his father. Unfortunately, it’s been almost 13 years since Sergei’s father died, but the memory of it remained. And not only his family but also the people with whom the father Prytula worked, made friends and communicated.

4 September 2017 dad Sergiy Prytula would have turned 65 years old. The host decided on this day to remember his father and wrote in his honor a touching post:

“Today dad would have turned 65! Was loud fun in Ternopil, family and friends from all over the country, probably would “Variety” were: And dad would be very happy, a little embarrassed by the excessive attention and Taya hugs from your grandchildren.”

Prytula noted that his father taught him how to live and what is important in this life. He fondly remembers the thrill of, how much good did his father and how much I could make:

“But we’re about 13 years since he was here. However, dad’s presence was felt in all these years, there’s been so many situations in life when some difficult matter was resolved strangers with the wording: “your father I once was very helpful” “your father, we did not refused to help, why should we?” or “out of respect for the blessed memory of your father, we’ll do it for free”. Instead of a noisy feast now in this day we have the Church, a candle and a silent prayer. Memories and view folders of photos, which recorded a particular moment of our brother a happy childhood under the wing of the one who taught the main principles that we now pass on to his sons, the most precious thing in life is your word! Promised must be performed if you want people to take you seriously. We Prytula, never owed nothing to anybody. Learn to live without getting into debt!”