Sergey Pakhomov spoke about his participation in the presidential elections

Sergey Pahomov has touched on the issue of a potential presidency. According to him, since childhood, he grew up in poverty and used a variety of methods to achieve success, and eventually came to a potential presidency. Pakhomov combines the preparations for the elections with his new mystical show on TV-3.

Sergey Pakhomov

The flamboyant showman, actor and psychic Sergei Pakhomov last fall announced plans to participate in presidential elections, and even began to publish excerpts from his election program. However, few people take intentions seriously Pakhomov. The day before Sergey said that one of the motives for his participation in the elections was a difficult childhood. According to the showman, he grew up in poverty and was trying to get “the people” favorite possible ways.

Sergey believes that when a child is forced to fight for their own happiness, he is quite capable of a variety of actions. Pakhomov believes this development is quite normal. The man notes that virtually all of his life he spent in such a struggle, and now has reached a potential presidency.

“If you have no brains to learn, tear and break. This is a normal course of history, the course of life. And I for this scheme, the radical punk maximum always misbehaved. And here djulyunitsa to potential presidency,” says Pakhomov.

However, speaking about his intention to become President, the man does not conceal a certain sarcasm. Odious showman leads a program about mysticism and psychics on TV-3. According to him, he manages to combine the fight for the presidency in the country “presidency among psychics and magicians”. Showman himself calls his new transfer as part of their preparation for the state presidency.