Sergey Lazarev stole the room

May 9, in Kiev was held the first semifinal of the international song contest “Eurovision”, and anyone who watched the show, it became clear that fans of Sergey Lazarev, who represented Russia last year with the song “You are only one”, have multiplied.

The representatives of Cyprus, Montenegro and Azerbaijan went to the stage, rotated on the background of the starry heavens, tossed about in the room-transformer – in a word, Sergey, though did not win last year, but gave an example of how to act at the Eurovision song contest. Especially from fans of Lazarus went to Cyprus – he even licked the way with Sergei.
Recall that in this mountain, a participant from Russia will ban the entry of Yulia Samoilova. According to the Director of the First channel Konstantin Ernst, the girl will go to the contest next year. The second semifinal will be held tomorrow, may 11 and the final on may 13.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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