Sergey Lazarev refused family

Right before the New year Sergey Lazarev made their fans a gift – as it turned out, the seller has two-year-old child he was concealed from the public all this time. All attempts of journalists to find out who is the mother of the child was crowned with failure. And all because of that privacy Lazarev tries to keep away from prying eyes.

While the identity of the mother of the baby for the rest is not installed, Lazarev invites us to enjoy the revelation that it was decided in conversation with dni.ru. So Sergei told about what a woman should be around him: “I Have a very high planochki against women. I am a perfectionist, and I can beat any little thing. Besides, I’m so immersed in work that is not yet ready to take on a different role. And now I have a powerful wave of activity, so I need to throw himself to become even stronger”.

Now the bronze prize-winner of “Eurovision 2016” for 33 years, he is at the peak of success and relevance, but he understands that it can end, “I internally understand that there will be a decline, although not yet know how I’ll react to it, – says Sergey. – But they know exactly what is important in life – to move forward.”

By the way, according to Lazarev, the reason that may prevent it in the device personal life, lies in his age: “I’m not a boy, for some old man even. I for one radio station and said: “You are for us too age”. If before my audience was teenage girls, but now I have the main audience of eighteen to thirty. Many fans have children. Even among my students there were very many men.”

Source: news.rambler.ru
Photo: news.rambler.ru

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