Sergey Lazarev is resting with his son in the resort

May holidays – it’s time to escape from the mundane and to go closer to the sea. That 34-year-old Russian artist Sergey Lazarev went on the resort, but not himself, and with little son Nikita.

Anticipating the curiosity of the paparazzi and protecting your rest, Sergey is not specifically indicated, the location of stay with her son, but judging by the pictures, they rest closer to the sea. On the page Lazareva on Instagram appeared several very touching photo with her son. And let them not see the boy’s face, it is noticeable that Sergei loves his son.
“my true love forever” and “happiness” — signed payroll Sergei.

Recall that paternity Lazarev became known only a few months ago when Sergei caught walking with a little boy. As it turned out then – and the singer did not deny it – his son had turned 2.5 years. Details of the appearance of the little boy born Lazarev does not disclose, he won’t admit who the mother Nikitka and in what relations he is with her now.

Source: http://www.starslife.ru
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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