Sergey Kucherov believes that Lera frost has no place on the project

Lera went to the club to relax, came with 315?, said that the man just gave. Of course we “believe” that just gave. Lera was at the club with Kohno, Mary knew all this, saw, and a lot more tells us. Lera agreed with Mary that in a clearing about a word, but Leroy started to talk about it, thinking that Mary would have passed this topic already, although initially the male lifted it up. Lera has beaten Masha, because she started to talk about it, and started, let me remind you, Zachary. I think that Leroux should be driven from the project, as the last potasovka Julia, Maya and Lera, after which the presenters said that the fight will be kicked out. If Leroux will leave, the male will be responsible for all her actions!