Sergey Kucherov avenged grandparents for the New year

To tell you how I celebrated the New year years 11 through 15. On the block on my and the neighboring inhabited by my friends, lived my grandmother, who I very much disliked. They said I was a bully, a poor young man, and that my life will end soon, because I’m just a * specific. Of course I listened to it all, it was hard, but I knew that there would soon be New year and I will have my revenge. I saved money that I had parents for lunch at school, bought bombs, lots of bombs, kilograms, which quickly exploded, borrowed from friends unnecessary pans, I already knew where I live the grandmother, pushed bombs in pots, knocking the night the door, I knew that they anyway do not sleep, have fire bombs, covered the pan with a lid not until the end that the sound was tougher and ran away, and they thought that there’s gunfire in the stairwell and went crazy. But like everything after that remained alive and well, no one’s heart is not stopped. And the most prisamye, who didn’t like me from the grandmothers, I bought them picardi, inserted them in the keyhole, set fire to and simply spread all… just the whole door drunk-ass drunk. Well, so I took revenge, that is to offend me. Thus, I spent almost every New year.