Sergei Zverev was replaced by the crown on the wreath

The king of glamour became “Mr. October”

It seems that Sergei Zverev tired of the endless fashion parties, glitz and glitter. The king of glamour brought to subscribers in an unusual way lyrical. Instead of the crown on his head adorned with a wreath of maple leaves, they were in the hands of the stars. And is not always funny jokes — poems.

“All gone in the autumn… but I may. I don’t understand. The city is empty, all gone in autumn. Famously I sit in the boat without oars…” (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. Znamenitka), — it is sad Sergey in his microblog.

Followers were delighted with the new image Zvereva, it is now called: “King of the fall” and “Mr. October”.