Sergei Kucherov lack the warmth and openness from the Yulia Efremenkova

Right on Calvary man burst into tears, giving vent to his feelings and telling that he really lacks warmth and sincerity, as Julia Efremenkova in his beliefs too private person, and no warmth in the relationship it is not how to build them a couple in the future, the website life-dom2.su.

In addition, in a time when many were prepared to pity the young man, his passion hasn’t changed a bit in the face. From viewers noticed with what indifference the girl reacted to the alleged words of the man she loved. Many came to the conclusion that after such a about love and serious relationships to say no.

“Apparently Julia little warmth and love as a child went. Therefore, it can not openly love, to give warmth and to speak of love to her beloved. Little of her childhood kissed, hugged. This is all from childhood” – suggested the youth fans of the TV show.