Semyon Slepakov and Sergey Shnurov criticized the song rapper Pharaoh – 24???

The leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov and comedian Simon Slepakov argued because of the lyrics of rapper Pharaoh (real name — Gleb Golubin). The artists speculate in social networks on popular songs called “Five minutes ago”, informs Lenta.

Semyon Slepakov and Sergei Shnurov

The discussion centered on the lines in the song Pharaoh, in which he said that had sex with a sweetheart listener “five minutes ago”.

“Your unparalleled courage and cynicism defy us, loyal fans, in a storm of awe and give us real pleasure,” said Slepakov in Instagram.

The comedian claims that this statement sounds in the song twice, in the first and second chorus. He offered the rapper a second time to sing “exactly six minutes ago,” or to apologize to the fans.

In turn, the Cords of said Slepakov made the “typical mistake of the person who is not familiar with the paradoxes of Zeno”. According to Shnurov, the Pharaoh every time he sings about the new intercourse — just each lasts one minute.