Semenova mother suspects that the son raped Diana Shurygina

A second program of the show “In fact”, where Dmitry Shepelev checked on the lie detector Diana Shurygina, who claims that she was raped by Sergey Semenov. Came to the Studio Sergei’s mother, who also passed a polygraph.


The experts also polygraphed the mother of Sergey Semenova Olga who came to the Studio “actually” in order to protect his son and to announce that Diana Shurygina slandered the guy. The woman replied to several questions from the experts who checked her words a lie detector. To the question “do You Think that Sergey Semenov raped Diana Shurygina?”, Olga said no.

The polygraph showed that the mother Semenova really wants to believe his son, but still doubt the veracity of his words and suspects that the guy could’ve really abused the minor girl. We also found out that Olga Semenova suggested that the father of Diana to make amends for the question of money, but he refused.